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Ok I will admit it. I am sorry

Some of the way I went around the experiment were a little strange (i.e. I should of set up a dummy blog somewhere and did it there as not too alienate my regular readers(or they were just playing  the game better than me but none the less)

In truth I am actually dual booting windows XP(im waiting for SP1 of vista) and Ubuntu feisty fawn and I am very happy with both of them, heck if it were not for a few apps and VS, I would more than likely switch to feisty completely.

Some of the best software is written for Linux i.e. the Beowulf project, litehttpd, Bash, Mono, 5-in-a-row (I have become addicted to that game for the last 48 hours), Apache, etc

So there you have it, I’m bi-curious (with Operating systems of course :D)

Ill leave the aforementioned post open for a bit, but the experiment should be considered over.

Oh and for my regular readers, normal posting will recommence tomorrow.


So, I am about to post post, I do not agree with what I am going to say in it, and I will delete it in a week, but I think it will be an interesting experiment to see how many comments I get.

code geek

Minus the Linux part (apart from that phase I went through in 2002, and my linux VMs…)

I was slowly tiring of my old blog theme, and I recived some comments about the poor UX of the last blog theme. So I decided to change it. I like this theme, its nice and clean feeling.

This blog will proabably stay this way untill I migrate it to subtext or dasblog on my own personal domain in a few months.

So I am playing around with ZoomClouds and I have made a cool ZoomCloud of all the MSDN Blogs using the feed for all of them (you can get the RSS feed here)

So here is the MSDN blog zoomcloud (sorry about not embeding it, wordpress doesnt allow it 😦 )

Well yes, I am talking to Robert Scoble and have ran out of things to say…

Dont you hate it when this sort of thing happens?