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Well, my Imagine Cup team (Team Eduar) decided to pull out of the competition.

This was spurned by a number of reasons – most of them had to do with a specific team member not completing work and not showing up to meetings. While I am annoyed at this person I harbor no ill feelings towards him.

So, That attempt will probably be my last attempt at the Imagine Cup :(,


The main reason Is that most/all of my CHCH friends just don’t share the same passion that I do about programming(no offense intended), and without all members of a team being fully motivated about a project – then 9 times out of ten, it will fail.

don’t get me wrong, my friends are cool people and I’m sure that they will become awesome at whatever they put their minds to, its just that they are not there at the moment, and thats ok.

PS: If any future teams(prefably from NZ) would like some advise from somebody who has been through what they are going through – send me an email (it’s on the side of this blog)

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Finish ARWC.

Create intital ARWS things. (half done)

Debug Conk.

Start work on Jackhammer.

Create MonkeyDB

Well its Saturday night and what am I doing?

Writing code, and reading “Spartial Augmented Reality”

The price I pay……..

Heres a little something I cooked up in my spare time.

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Its been like 2-3 days since I have written anything substantual (be it code or otherwise), hmmmm, I smell something in the air…

More on that soon.