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Yesterday for some unknown reason I decided to have a play with the planet software (this is the software that I sort of ported to the .net stack with JRN).

For my Install I used the Venus build (download here), I did this because Venus uses a flat file db system that works better on Windows.

After around 10 minutes of playing around with the config file I was able to start it with a simple command (python Josh/config.ini for those playing at home).

And the I suddenly realized how planet manages to be so fast, it generates static HTML pages and outputs them into a folder (I know it said that on the planet homepage but old age is starting to get me…)

So after a bit of consideration, for the next 6-10 months I have decided to not do any development on JRN in order to get some new ideas and finish some of my [incredibly large amount of] unfinished projects and to also try and get planet working with IronPython.

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I have posted a development snapshot of the next version JRN, and the beginnings of a reddit clone at jbab

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Just a quick update on JRN, I have fixed a few bugs, and are currently working on the feed getter fetching duplicate posts bug.

As I have just set JRN free I thought I would give a little bit of an introductory post on it, so lets begin.

What is JRN?

JRN is a “River of News” Blog argigator. This means that JRN displays a user defined collection of blog feeds down the page in descending order of post time I.E.


(this Image shows a JRN in action)

How do I view what blogs my JRN is subscribed to?

In your web browser goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/BlogRollAdmin.aspx where you will see something similar to this:

(please note that as of beta 1 you can not easily delete blog)

How do I add a blog to my JRN?

goto http://(jrnuri)/admin/Addblog.aspx and follow the instructions.

Now then, on to the fun stuff.

What I’m planning to include in JRN 1.0 B2

  • Fix bugs
  • Make JRN easier to install
  • modify argotic to properly show the authors name
  • Easier database administration

What I’m planning to include in future versions of JRN

  • AJAX!!!!
  • Saved Items (things google readers shared item functionallity)
  • Partial Feed workaround
  • Theming

Well Ive done it, JRN 1.0 Beta 1 is out, This version still leads a few things to be desired, But its a good start. Also I must say thank you to jerm who helped out a bit with the css. What I would really like is a few people to test it out and post issues and feature requests in the issue tracker.

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I have decided to wait untill Monday to upload JRN, Mainly because I want to finish off the admin area.

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Im gonna upload JRN on the 16th of September(this Sat), in whatever form it is, and then Ill start fixing bugs as I / you guys find them (Yes, I know its been a long time coming!)

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It’s done!, well almost. I just need to fix a few UI issues that I have deemed to be too important to wait until v1.1 of JRN.

Also something that I am quite happy with is how JRN will be updated, all you will have to do is point the new JRN at your current JRN database and you will be set!.

On the subject of JRN I would like some help with the next version of JRN, Programmers, Writers, Testers ,Designers (a feature that I want to include in the next version of JRN is themes). So if you want to help email me at jhektor *at* gmail [insertdotcomhere]

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So I’m guessing you would like to know what that annocment is, so here it is: Im resuming development on JRN, So far I have refactored the backend, added support for ATOM, I’m working on OPML import, speeding JRN up via a database + windows service, also I am slowly adding test code to JRN so it should be more robust.

I am not using the codeplex TFS like I should do so you cant see the source, this is so that people dont use the version that I am working on at the moment – mainly because it doesnt work at the moment (I am pritty much recoding the entire thing).

I would have the code published by monday but tommorow I am going on a day trip up to Hamner and thus wont be able to work on the code.

So, apology’s for the lack of bloggage recently, my laptop has completely died now (I should be getting a new one next week hopefully!)

Anyways, On with the announcement: I have been working of a java-script only version of JRN, this works via outsourcing the feed getting and sorting to yahoo pipes (although you can customise it to another source), This version of JRN is really just me playing around with java-script, but it might be useful for a light weight installation of JRN. It will be fully css-able, yada yada yida

Expect it before the weekend (It would be here sooner but the pipe feed I am using has 21tiers, not fun to play with…)

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