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Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express

Hell yeah!!!!!!

Downloading now

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I am incredibly excited at the moment, not just because the wii and all that sort of thing, Its because of WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere), Think of it as Microsoft’s flash, except it will be much more cooler. anyways, the WPF/E developer center is online (although there is nor really alot on it at the moment. anyways here is the link.

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So, I have been using JRN for about 2 weeks now, and I get all the Microsoft blog’s with it, and I have figured out what the most used languages for the code samples on most of the Microsoft blogs are:

  1. C#, Not really a supprise.
  2. C++, Sort of a little supprising.
  3. VB, I thought it would be the 2nd in this list…

This wasn’t really a scientific study, but its close enough 😛