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So, NCEA (for my international viewers think off a high school qualification / certificate) is being changed, and I am for the changes (of course the curriculum on the other hand is fairly crap, but meh).

I would of done so much better under these improved conditions. Why?

To answer that I need to go back to 2003:

I was a slacker, I had (and still have) Developmental Dyspraxia, and I was a fairly intelligent young person (of course now I am a complete genius :P).

When I was told what I had to do to get level 1 NCEA, I laughed, I thought it would be a complete walk in the park (It was  / should of been but anyway), so I didn’t try, at all. and I only scraped through via 25 level 5 credits I had acquired playing UT one afternoon (but thats another story :D).

What would be different this time around? I would want to Impress, and the list of Not achieved marks on my certificate would of made me feel awful.

What does this have to do with anybody else?

I am sure that I was not the only one in a situation similar to mine.

Also, what I want to know is why did it take so long to change the fundamental flaws in the system, 1-2 years I can understand, but five?

Thats 25,000 lab rats the New Zealand govt needed before it got it right.

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Yes, Microsoft Virtual PC (think VMware workstation) is now free and some cool licencing changes have been made. Instead of ranting on I will let you read the link

Yes, thats right,

Let me explain:

TVNZ is a SOE (state owned enterprise) [I think], and “one network news” didnt broadcast the fact that WMD’s were found in Iraq (yes thats right, more info here), I would think that this would at least be mentioned in the news somewhere.

<cough>bagdad bob wannabe</cough>

Anyways, on with the computer related blogging

PS: If anything, im Libral, so im not pro-bush

Yup you heard write, Microsoft Vista beta 2 is public, and I didnt even get a Beta Experiance email….oh and
and, and for the offical line click here

To bad my lappy cant handle it and or I am capped…

Hi all

Sorry the blog has been dark a while, i have been very busy working on SCUD. I think I can finaly tell you what SCUD is, Its a search engine, that is all im gonna tell you at the moment, but when we get it fully working i will give a full rundown of what SCUD is and does and what makes it so god-damn awsome

Anyways we presented SCUD to microsoft on wensday, despite a few technical issue (ie the program having a error 5mins before I had to present it), the presentation (as in the actuall PPT) went well apart from a few minor probs 😉

Anyways, I think im gonna get some lunch now, I will shove the weekly linkage up in a few hours




Well it finally happened, the govt have announced a proposal to unbundle the local(NZ) loop, This means that we may finally have faster cheaper internet(not just telecoms crap version of faster cheaper internet)

This is just what those in the IT industry need

While I got and rant some more in chatrooms here some links for more info 

Cyas somtime soon

its about reversing blindness