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Well, Halo 3 is coming out in just under nine hours, and well, Josh doesnt have a 360 and hasnt pre ordered the game, due to lack of money(due to lack of job), guttered…

maybe I should make a quick app called give josh a dollar and then get 800 people to give me a dollar… (things start ticking over in head….)

still, damnit!

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Well, my Imagine Cup team (Team Eduar) decided to pull out of the competition.

This was spurned by a number of reasons – most of them had to do with a specific team member not completing work and not showing up to meetings. While I am annoyed at this person I harbor no ill feelings towards him.

So, That attempt will probably be my last attempt at the Imagine Cup :(,


The main reason Is that most/all of my CHCH friends just don’t share the same passion that I do about programming(no offense intended), and without all members of a team being fully motivated about a project – then 9 times out of ten, it will fail.

don’t get me wrong, my friends are cool people and I’m sure that they will become awesome at whatever they put their minds to, its just that they are not there at the moment, and thats ok.

PS: If any future teams(prefably from NZ) would like some advise from somebody who has been through what they are going through – send me an email (it’s on the side of this blog)

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Just quicky,

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and all that stuff.

I will post (and upload pics to Zooomr) more about my xmas tommorow or later on tonight.

This snippet from one of my chats with Jerm, I considered one of my more randomer moments

(not work safe, )

I know there is not much chance of her reading this, but get well soon mum, she is going to hospital, I know a bit more but don’t think I should say much more until we know whats going on, I will keep you posted, it might be serious, and it might not, lets hope its not serious. We will see what happens.

So, Im sitting in Starbucks posting a blog. Anyways look Im 93rd in the list!!!!!!!!

Note to self: clean out RSS feads

anyways, I am being bothered by Jerm, got to go

This post has been a while coming, but as many of you know (hi jerm!) I am now 19.

I turned 19 on the 20th of July. I got a wireless router (I really love wireless now), and some other stuff, we went out to a pizza place and I ate way too much 😉

Alright nw, I dont really know what else to put here so thats this post….

For those of you who read this because of the occasional technical thing I write, you may want to skip this post.


Feel free to ROFL, but I have decided to get into shape (a little)

I have decided to do this after reading a few articles that say fitness will make you a better programmer, that and I think I really should, im almost 19 and I should really take better care of myself.

So what does this mean? To be honest, no idea. However I do know 2-3 things:

1. I will not stop eating the food and drink I usually do, I will just try and eat some               more healthy things every now and again
2. I will try and exercise a little (i.e. going on big walks etc)

I think this is fairly reasonable, don’t worry, Im not going to be replaced with some hypnotic fitness bunny (i.e. “I can bench-press 100kg”)