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Category Archives: Robotics

I have an Ardunio lying around, currently they are not really doing anything (waiting for me to get off ass and order robotic goodness:) ).

As nice as it is to code them in the Ardunio IDE, it would be fun to code them in C#, so I could plug the sketches into other interesting things (currently I am intrested in using Touchless to control mobility robotics)

As it turns out there is a couple of things that allow me to do this:

Firmata.NET is a .NET implementation of the Firmata protocol.

Sharpdunio looks to be a slightly more verbose .NET implementation of the Firmata protocol.

PS: If you are in NZ and are looking to buy some Ardunio goodness for yourself, I would highly recommend Mindkits.


Im thinking of writing a few starter kits for the Microsoft Robotics Studio, any thoughts?

I have noticed that TVNZ, In particular “One News” has been mocking robotics quite a bit recently. First there was the mocking of RoboCup last night (I cant quite remember what was said but I know there was a heavy amount of mocking), Secondly they were mocking robotics in general about 5 minutes ago on “One News”. This is another example of how little most the NZ people care about technology, This is bad because of the brain drain that NZ is experiencing, ie all the intelligent young people moving overseas.

Ok rant over, I could go on about this topic all day but for reasons of public safety I wont 😉

First things first:

We've got 3 unopened RoboDesigner robotics kits here at work that we don'tneed for classes so we are going to sell them. I thought I'd let you knowfirst in case you want to buy one. We were originally going to sell them for$280 but have changed that to $240 & I can even get one for you (and anyone else you know who might want one) for just $179! Let me know what you think

now, I know this is a little strange, but one of my sources has sent me an email for with that, I really want one but I dont have that much money atm(im a student, enough said, if you want to donate to the Buy Josh a RoboDesigner fund, send money to  "jhektor [at] gmail [dot] com" via paypal (just remove the spaces and change the stuff around

and yes I know I am unverifed on paypal, I dont have a credit card to use