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Well I think we can say that we are a bit over 5% with scud, we have decided to go and talk to our target audience, so we have emailed the appropriate people we will be doing that in a few weeks (me and jerm both have exams for the next 2 weeks)

On other news, I (for once) had nothing todo for a few hours last night and I started downloading some e-texts from Project Gutenberg  (for a small project of mine todo with SCUD) and I found out that they offer a free CD or DVD of ebooks, thats better than what I had been doing (I needed to have a large quantity of them to do stuff on), so I ordered a DVD of 9400 of the most downloaded ebooks. If you want to find more info of that free dvd with ebooks on it click here.

As I mentioned above, I have exams in the coming two weeks, the good news Is that I only have two, the bad news, theres no programming involved (well actually there is a little SQL but everybody knows that)

well, thats it for this post 


Well, yes…..

I just got a call from Paul Lo (from Microsoft, he is the student academic guy) and SCUD hasn't gone on to the next stage… I think our presentation wasn't that great. But he said that he wants to give all of my team a price pack when they are back in chch in august. I sort of knew that we wouldn't go on so it didn't really shock me.

Me and Jerm are gonna continue on with it and commercialise it (eventually)

Hi all

Sorry the blog has been dark a while, i have been very busy working on SCUD. I think I can finaly tell you what SCUD is, Its a search engine, that is all im gonna tell you at the moment, but when we get it fully working i will give a full rundown of what SCUD is and does and what makes it so god-damn awsome

Anyways we presented SCUD to microsoft on wensday, despite a few technical issue (ie the program having a error 5mins before I had to present it), the presentation (as in the actuall PPT) went well apart from a few minor probs 😉

Anyways, I think im gonna get some lunch now, I will shove the weekly linkage up in a few hours