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Another handy tip

Instead of:

IF (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table1 WHERE ... ) > 0



Really this post is more for me but it might be useful for you

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via darryl "The SQL Everywhere team has just released the first CTP of SQL Everywhere."If you don’t know what SQL Everywhere is, think SQL Mobile, for those of you that do not know what that is, thing a smaller version of SQL server express, etc designed specifically for smartphones, PDA's and the like.

The thing about SQL Everywhere is that aswell as all of the above formats it also supports windows XP, server 2003, etc.

SQL Everywhere is designed to be used for applications that only need to store small amounts of data. If you want to store millions of records, you’ll want to seriously consider SQL Express.

Its only a 1.7mb download, so go for it.