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Category Archives: The Experiment

Ok I will admit it. I am sorry

Some of the way I went around the experiment were a little strange (i.e. I should of set up a dummy blog somewhere and did it there as not too alienate my regular readers(or they were just playing  the game better than me but none the less)

In truth I am actually dual booting windows XP(im waiting for SP1 of vista) and Ubuntu feisty fawn and I am very happy with both of them, heck if it were not for a few apps and VS, I would more than likely switch to feisty completely.

Some of the best software is written for Linux i.e. the Beowulf project, litehttpd, Bash, Mono, 5-in-a-row (I have become addicted to that game for the last 48 hours), Apache, etc

So there you have it, I’m bi-curious (with Operating systems of course :D)

Ill leave the aforementioned post open for a bit, but the experiment should be considered over.

Oh and for my regular readers, normal posting will recommence tomorrow.


So, I am about to post post, I do not agree with what I am going to say in it, and I will delete it in a week, but I think it will be an interesting experiment to see how many comments I get.