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Category Archives: The Weekly Linkage

Whoa, its been a long time since I have done one of these, oh well, on with the linkage

ADO.Net DB Connection Visualizer: A quick way to run a SQL statement against a database connection and view the results in a grid while debugging your code. To add to the awsomeness this is free!!!!!!!!!

Satirewire: This site fits in with my sense of humor well!!!!

ASP.NET system information: Im thinking of using this for SCUD…

HanselMinutes: A weekly podcast with Scott Hanselman and hosted by Carl Franklin (.net related)

Thats all for this post


Hi all

I have decided to update my blog weekly with interesting / tabs-in-browser /cool links and then do a general blog at the current rate (whenever I feel like it!!)

anyways on with the linkage 

Open source image restoration and enhancement toolkit

Open source 3D mobile robot simulation environment

US Medical Database

I love this bit of software, although its written in java

Regular expressions in .NET

Thats it for this post cya