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Alright then

I have decided that I need to watch more online media, so am looking for as much cool vlogs/podcasts as possible, one thing they have to be interesting, they don’t necessarily have to be computing related, as long as they are interesting

the ones I listen to / watch  at the moment are

Ze Frank, .NET rocks (and .NET rocks tv), TWiT, Mondays, Hanselminutes, ScobleShow, Urban Coffee, Geek Entertainment tv

Any body have any good ones?

I would like to get a downloadable versoin of brainstorm tv (or somthing along those lines)


Just a intro post, bloopers at

Remember a few days ago, when I told you that I had something cool to announce within the next few days?

Well here it is: I am starting a vlog (video log), this may turn into a podcast down the track, but we will see what happens. The Vlog is going to be called Josh&Jerm, as you may of figured out, I am hosting it with Jerm.

J&J will be about programming, a little bit of news here and there, gaming, a little web 2.0, and other things related to cool uses of technology, we will invite guests on to the show.

If you have something cool related to technology(or if you are an employee/CEO of a cool tech company) that you would like to talk about, please email me @ jhektor$gmail*com (replace the $ with a @ and * with a dot), It would help if you are in Christchurch, NZ. But it doesnt really matter, we can use skype or something to talk to you.

You should see the first episode of J&J either monday or tuesday.

I will post here when its up.