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Heres a quick prediction. In the year 2011 North Korea will do somthing bad.


More as a not to myself than anybody else, Gluster is a Cluster Filesystem. Could be good to model StoreMore on it.

Last post, I gave  quick summary of why NZ’s govt sucks. and began to slowly detail what they should do to kinda help NZ citizens out. I should point out that while this is primarily aimed at NZ there are no reasons why this can’t work in other country’s, of course they should hire their own citizens :).

Now many of you, after reading that will be thinking that adding more staff to an already bloated bureaucratic infrastructure will make things grind to a halt. What we need is a well implemented and designed electronic system (this could be designed and built by a NZ based company) for handling some of the forms and things. The way people would use the system should be similar to the following:

1.  Person gains a smartcard / one time password card from their case worker or whatever when proper identification verification is complete.

2. To fill in forms they authenticate from their own computer or from a goverment owned computer bank, this could include fingerprint verification or other biometric verifation.

3. Forms are electronicly taken to the correct department and added as work items for government staff to process (staff will see this sorted ascending by request age).

Ideally Department head’s would have acess to near real time statistics on number of work items processed per worker and other such things. This would help cut down on staff slacking on the job and would also show who to promote into management, this would avoid idiots getting into positions of power.

By now you are probably wondering how the government will pay for this, well, Based on my quick calculations with the latest NZ statistics Quarterly employment survey data, a flat tax hike of between 50c and $1 a week to people who earn more than 30K per year should be sufficient to cover the prices, of course, with National at the wheel this will never happen.

So, What do you think?

Ok, Is it just me, or are the people ruling this nation a bunch of complete idiots?

In these current hard economic conditions, when people are turning in ever increasing numbers, to services provided by the government. The government are laying of 1000 staff. that’s 1000 jobs. Even before this current period of economic woe, govt services already had massive backlogs of work. these backlogs are only gonna get larger.

Our National led government (BTW: John Key should really change his first name to Don) seems content to do absolutely nothing to help anybody in particular at this present point and time. In fact the major political issue seemly faced by the government is a bit of road work in Auckland. and even that, when / if it gets of the ground will undoubtedly not even start for a couple years.

There are a lot of other stupid actions being undertook by the people we elect to make things better, but that’s a topic for another day.

People are suffering now, not in a couple months, but now, the more we wait, the worse things are gonna get.

While there are a large number of people willing to work, Why don’t we capitalise by temporarily doubling the numbers of government case workers and the like to clear the backlog. Of course make it clear to them that they shouldn’t count on having these jobs in a couple years. when the backlog is cleared we make sure to keep roughly half of the temp workers to continue aiding democracy while reducing bureaucracy.

That brings me to the second part of my plan. that I will post tommorow, but it involves the internet, and a number between five and 100 million

I would like to point out that I might have something wrong, so dont be a troll, be an orgre

Work continues on ItemDB(at a slowish speed, damned RL…), I have finally settled on a persitance mechanism that I am relitivly happy with (JSON based, More on that in a couple of posts).

While I was talking to roman about it the other day, I realised that I could be increadibly lazy and create a simple version of itemDB powered by SQL Server and LINQ2SQL, but for reasons of speed and wanting todo it right I have decided aganst it for now.

Of course if anybody is willing to lend a hand please flick me an email or something, this will be open source.

For a current project involving large amounts of unstructured and structured data, I needed a Key/Value style DB.

So after looking around at the current options nothing really suited my needs (.NET based, relatively small footprint, simple as pie) I decided to write one, it is [imaginatively] titled ItemDB and is sort of modeled after the way freebase store’s its data and my own views.

With ItemDB (currently in early stages of development) there are three main concepts to think about; Item, Fact, Relationship.

An Item is the main storage item in ItemDB (as an example let’s create an Item called Josh), with ItemDB this is the main thing we need to worry about.

A Fact is a bit of knowledge about the Item that its contained in (let’s add a Fact to the Item we created previously called age, we will set it to 21), Facts generally live in a FactCollection witch is the subject of a later post

A Relationship is well, a relationship between one fact and another (let’s add a relationship between Josh and Coke with a relationship type as FavoriteCaffineatedBeverage)

These three concepts should allow for incredibly complex capability

This would usually be the bit with a link to the current build of ItemDB or something along those line, but there is a problem with that, It’s not quite ready for its public showing (current lack of  persistence being a large part of that). Stay tuned

As per usual, Any questions leave a comment.

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

92A is a bad idea. RIANZ is pathetic.

I seem to parse the dmoz content dump, and as anyone who's actually played around with it will tell you, it's annoying to parse, so, for future reference:

^<ExternalPage\ about="(?<link>.+?)">\n\ \ <d:Title>(?<title>.+?)</d:Title>\n\ \ <d:Description>(?<description>.+?)</d:Description>\n\ \ <topic>(?<topic>.+?)</topic>\n</ExternalPage>\ $

For my own reference more than anything.

General tidy up of OpenWebSearch# (and conversion of all code comments from italian to english)

JHarris.Itunes (Find way around itunes not letting me a IITrack to a IITPlaylist)

ItunesFixter ( intergration, mainly so I can programmicly add album art from to itunes)

Creating a build server for my various projects.


Learning Django.

Making use of my Azure beta subscription.

Private projects.


No more new projects untill these ones are done.

EDIT: Damned wordpress chewing up the images, probably best to read this in an RSS viewer

I’m back. The break was good, albeit a bit sad.

Anyways, today I downloaded and installed the Windows 7 beta (actually it finished installing about 20 minutes ago).

As I havent really done much with it (yet…), I thought I would post some screenshots of it.

The Installer Doing what it does best.



The Splash screen, it does this cool little animation of four balls turning into the windows logo

The loading screen after the splash screen, prittymuch the same as Vista’s one

The desktop, now with added taskbar. For those wondering what it wanted to tell me, it was warning me about lack of Antivirus software

The task manager, showing the low memory usage. me likey


So what do I think, at this early stage?

The taskbar is cool, though in my opinon its a little too thick.

the low memory usage is cool (to give a really unfair comparison atm my Vista Home Premium laptop is using 2.17GB  memory (thats with the Windows 7 VM running), usually it averages out at roughly 1.2GB (with SQL server running).

IE8 is still a bit slow.

I’m really looking foward to shoving VS in it and having a play.